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5′ 7″ Spud Webb Wins NBA Slam Dunk – February 8, 1986

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Spud Webb played 12 seasons in the NBA. He averaged almost 10 points a game, but the fete that he is best known for was when showed off his 42″ vertical leap and lifted his 67″ frame above the rim, and the competition, to win the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, on February 8, 1986.

Spud Webb finds himself back home for the National Basketball Association’s All-Star Game weekend, a 5-feet-7-inch David preparing to trade slams and jams with the Goliaths of the game in the league’s Slam-Dunk championship Saturday…Webb bristles at suggestions that he is just part of the N.B.A. hype for the weekend that also includes an old-timers’ game and 3-point- field-goal shootout Saturday, as well as the All-Star Game on Sunday. Read more

LITTLE SPUD IS BIG STUFF : 5-7 Webb Goes High Enough to Be a ‘Spudnik’ as He Wins NBA’s Slam-Dunk Contest

DALLAS — The National Basketball Assn. slam-dunk competition, a celebration of an art form that only a few tall and extraordinary athletes have mastered, had become somewhat routine after two seasons as the main sideshow of the league’s All-Star weekend. Read more


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