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Announce Giants Moving to San Francisco August 19, 1957

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On August 19, 1957, Horace Stoneham, president of the New York Giants, announced that his board of directors had voted in favor of the Giants moving the team to San Francisco. A few weeks later the Brooklyn Dodgers also announced that they would be following the Giants to the west coast and would set up shop in Los Angeles. The announcement marked the end of the Giants run in New York, which lasted for 74 years.

Stoneham cited “lack of attendance” as the primary reason for the move. The Giants lost money in all but two of their last eight years in New York.

1883 was the first year that New York City had a National League team. They were known as the New York Gothams. In 1885 they became the Giants. They won their first pennant in 1888. In 1954, after won their 16th and last pennant in New York. They also won their fifth World Series that year.

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