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Carl Hubbell Strikes Out Five Hall of Famers in a Row – July 10, 1934

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In the 1934 All-Star Game, Carl Hubbell struck out five hall-fame-destined batters in a row. Pitching for the National League, in his own ball park, The Polo Grounds, The New York Giants ace got off to a shaky start by giving up a lead off single to Charlie Gehringer and a walk to Heinie Manush.

So now with runners at first and second Hubbell got to face Babe Ruth who was working his way toward 714 career home runs; followed by Lou Gehrig who was on his way toward 49 homers in 1934, and 493 career home runs. Then batting fifth for the American League, Hubbell would have an “oppourtunity” to try his luck with Jimmy Foxx who was going rack up 44 bombs in 1934 along the way to 534 career homers.

Apparantly Hubbell hadn’t read their resumes. He struck out the three of them (with a combined 1,739 career home runs) in succession. But Hubbell wasn’t finished. In the second inning, future Hall of Famer Al Simmons lead off for the National League, and Hubbell struck him out. Future Hall of Famer Joe Cronin was up next, and Hubbell struck him out as well. Finally, Bill Dickey (yes, another Hall of Famer) singled.Hubbell notched one more strikeout in the second inning. This time the victim was pitcher Lefty Gomez, who was also a future Hall of Famer, but not for his hitting prowess.

Completely overshadowed by Hubbell’s incredible pitching heroics, was the American League’s come from behind effort that featured a six run rally in the fifth inning (Hubbell pitched another inning of shutout ball in the third inning, and then watched Lon Warneke and Van Mungo blow the game in relief.)

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