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Cleveland Indians Win The World Series – October 11, 1948

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Cleveland Indians fans have earned the right to kvetch. Their team hasn’t won a World Series since 1948. Some might argue that the misery felt in Cleveland pales to what the Cub fnas have endured, not having won a World Series since 1908. Then again (Some folks in Chicago will consider this to be adding insult to injury.), the White Sox “just” won a World Series in 2005.

But let’s not dwell on the frustration of being an Indians fan. Instead let’s revisit the short lived glory they enjoyed in October of 1948.

The Indians didn’t exactly stroll into the World Series. They ended the regular season tied with the Red Sox. The Tribe beat the Sox in a one-game playoff to take the American League Pennant. Prior to 1948, Cleveland’s only other World Series appearance was in 1920. They won the series that year.

In 1948 the Indians faced an even more unlikely World Series opponent than themselves, the Boston Braves. The Braves hadn’t won a National League Pennant since 1914.

In the opening game of the World Series, Indians Ace Bob Feller lost a pitchers’ duel to the Braves Johnny Sain, 1-0. The Indians came back though, and won the next three games, and eventually won the series in six.


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