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Donovan McNabb Pukes (Allegedly) in Super Bowl – February 6, 2005

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This video shows Donovan McNabb Vomiting in a game. But it’s not the Super Bowl

As we approach the 10th anniversary of the most ignominious moment in Donovan McNabb’s career, the question as to whether or not he vomited during Super Bowl XXXIX, remains just that, a question.

The Immaculate Reception, the Phantom Punch, Babe Ruth’s ‘Called Shot,’ and Donovan’s Vomit. Whether or not Donovan McNabb threw up in the Super Bowl is on the list of the great unsolved mysteries in the history of sport ,at least in Philadelphia.
And now, there is a new chapter in the story.
Former Eagles cornerback Lito Sheppard, as a guest of 94WIP’s Rob Charry and Hollis Thomas on Saturday, said McNabb did in fact throw up.
The conversation went like this: Read more

On Saturday, ex-cornerback Lito Sheppard was asked by WIP’s Rob Charry if McNabb puked “in the huddle” during the Super Bowl.
“Yes,” said Sheppard a little hesitantly at first. He did.” Read more

Everybody talks about it to this day, but if you watch film, I never threw up in the Super Bowl. When they try to say I was tired at the Super Bowl, y’know—Freddie or T.O., even my center Hank Fraley said I was tired. Everybody blew up on that. It’s like, first of all, I got dumped on my head three times.
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