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The Ice Bowl -13 degrees, Packers Win NFL Title Dec 31, 1967

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In Wind-chills of -23 degrees, Green Bay Beats Dallas Cowboys for Fifth and Last Title of the Decade

GRAPEVINE, Texas — Former Dallas Cowboys linebacker Leroy Jordan was asked Saturday how cold it was at the 1967 Ice Bowl at Lambeau Field. “I haven’t thawed out yet,” Jordan said…
The Packers won the game 21-17 on Starr’s last-minute quarterback sneak in wind chill temperatures close to 50 below zero. From Packers News, Read more

The Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers played for the N.F.L. championship on this date under painful conditions: temperatures so cold that some fans retreated to their cars in the parking lots to warm themselves. Players risked frostbite, and a thin layer of ice covered the frozen ground on the Cowboys’ last stand.
From the New York Times, read more

The mind-numbing cold experienced on Dec. 31, 1967, at The Ice Bowl froze many things, including car batteries, body parts and plenty of brats. The sub-zero temperatures also froze something else that blustery day which has yet to thaw — memories that 45 years later are still vivid in the mind of 73-year old Two Rivers native Bob Kaminski. “I think young people who are Packer fans are truly missing out,” Kaminski said. “The Ice Bowl and the whole Lombardi era for the Packers are real treasure.” From the Herald Times Reporter, read more


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