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John Riggins Leads Washington to Super Bowl Win – January 30, 1983

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At the Orange Bowl on January 30, 1983, John Riggins rushed for a Super Bowl record 166 yards (on 36 attempts, also a Super Bowl Record). He scored a touchdown (a 43 yard rush) and caught a pass for 15 yards. His 181 yards for the game were five more than the whole Miami Dolphins team was able to muster that day.

Super Bowl XVII was the culmination of a strike-shortened season that saw the Red Skins successfully working their way to the NFL championship by surviving a four-round 16-team tournament.

For Washington, it was their first Super Bowl championship and only their third title in the history of the franchise. The Boston Redskins lost the NFL championship game to the Green Bay Packers (21-6) in 1936. The following year, the Red Skins, having moved to Washington, delighted their new host city with championship win against the Chicago Bears (28-21).

In 1940, the Bears mercilessly avenged that loss when they defeated Washington 73-0. The Red Skins got over though. They faced the Bears again for the championship in 1942 and won the game 14-6. Washington and Chicago were back at it again the following year and this time it was the Bears turn to be champions (41-21). Prior to their 1983 Super Bowl win, the Red Skins made one last appearance in a championship game, a 15-14 loss to the Cleveland Rams.


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