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Sophomore Tebow Runs 166 Yds – September 22, 2007

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Sophomore Tim Tebow put on a one man show against the University of Mississippi. He ran the football 27 times for a University of Florida record 166 yards. He also threw 34 passes and completed 20, for a not-the-least-bit-shabby 261 yards in the air.

Tebow was involved in all four Gator touchdowns. He ran one in from nine yards and another from six. He also threw a 37 yard touchdown pass to Louis Murphy and followed that up with a 19 yard strike to Seth Adams.

Even with all that production from their Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Florida struggled to get past Ole Miss. Clinging to a 30-24 lead, Tebow ran the ball on the last five plays of the game. He only managed to gain an additional 25 yards, but it was enough for the Gators to keep possession and run out the remaining 3:01 on the clock.


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