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Steve Young 6 TD’s Super Bowl Record – January 29, 1995

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Want to start an argument or at least spirited discussion in San Franisco? Just say Steve Young or Joe Montana. That’s all you have to say. Then prepare yourself to hear “the talking points.” Montana won more games. Young had a higher quarterback rating. Montana was better in the post season. Young was a better runner. It goes on and on.

Before Super Bowl XXIX on January 29, 1995, there was no argument. Even though Young had just won his second MVP award, he was considered to be a good quarterback, maybe a great one, but he was not Joe Montana.

Then, against an over matched San Diego Chargers team, Steve Young completed 24 out of 36 passes (no interceptions) for 325 yards. And, he completed six touchdown passes, breaking Montana’s Super record.(The 49ers won the game 49-26.)

With Young at the helm, the 49ers ripped through the postseason, totaling 131 points in three games. He finally can enjoy the silence of the naysayers who said he would never measure up to Montana. In the one game that counted, Young was as good as Montana ever was. Read more Washington Post

Even the naysayers can’t deny that in Super Bowl XXIX, for a fleeting moment, Young was no longer the guy who replaced Joe Montana. He was Steve Young: Super Bowl MVP. Read more


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