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First Super Bowl – Packers Defeat Chiefs – January 15, 1967

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Like a stern parent chastising a mischievous child, the Green Bay Packers soundly thrashed the upstart Kansas City Chiefs 35-10, Sunday in Memorial Coliseum in the first Super Bowl game.
The outstanding master of the whip-lash on a gorgeous summer-like afternoon was Byran Bartlett Starr, who had been playing in the NFL four years before the junior circuit was born. Read more LA Times.

The Kansas City Chiefs were slightly superb in the first half but the Green Bay Packers were vastly superior at the finish today and clearly established the supremacy of the National Football League over the American in the first Super Bowl game, 35-10. Read more Washington Post.

Bryan Bartlett (Bart) Starr, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, led his team to a 35-10 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs today in the first professional football game between the champions of the National and American Leagues.
Doubt about the outcome disappeared in the third quarter when Starr’s pretty passes made were Indians out of the American League Chiefs and Green Bay scored twice. Read more NY Times.


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