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Woody Hayes Punches Clemson Player December 28, 1978

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NY Times Coach Woody Hayes, irate after Charlie Bauman, Clemson’s middle guard, intercepted an Ohio State pass tonight in the final two minutes of Clemson’s 17-15 Gator Bowl victory, went after Bauman after he was run out of bounds on the Ohio State sideline. Hayes grabbed Bauman and touched off a brief benchemptying melee. Read more.

ESPN Woody Hayes made the worst mistake of his legendary career: The 65-year-old Ohio State coach slugged an opposing player.
Losing by two points with a little more than two minutes left in the Gator Bowl in Jacksonville, Ohio State was driving, and had moved the ball into field-goal range at Clemson’s 24-yard line. But then noseguard Charlie Bauman intercepted freshman quarterback Art Schlichter’s short pass over the middle on the 18. Read more

Florida Times UnionAfter all this time, Charlie Bauman still doesn’t like his persistent, if not haunting, connection with perhaps the most famous outburst in college football history.
He sighed deeply when asked last week about getting slugged by Woody Hayes, a punch that cost the Ohio State coach his job – and solidified him as one of the most poignant casualties of self-control in sports history. Read more

Washington Times The assailant is Woody Hayes, and the moment he delivers the punch, his 28-year career as an icon in Columbus and throughout Ohio is over at age 65. By the time the team returns home the next day, Hayes has been fired after winning 205 games, two national championships and making eight trips to the Rose Bowl. At the Columbus airport, police escort him from the plane to a car waiting on the tarmac, and he is driven off — to his house and into uncharacteristic obscurity.Read more


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